Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NWO Elite?!

I am searching the Web
And all I read about is The Elite
And some New World Order
Which smell like they're longing for their coming defeat!

When I think of the elite
I think of those  who give of their best
To help, to teach, to love mankind
Not those who behave like card-carrying
Judas Goats covered in disease-carrying pests!

There is nothing I read to recommend these persons
Who believe that the Earth is too small
To accommodate both the poor and the monied -
So one will have to get off! Pushed that is!

The poor, the hungry, the jobless
The fatherless, the baby-makers and
Those with any dye on their skin
Are to be considered anathema
And used as fire wood in a brick kiln!

Worthy! Not Worthy! Unworthy!
The Worthy know that they are worthy!
The Worthy say the unworthy are not worthy
Of the air space and resources they use
And Worthy must fumigate
The Planet of the vermin and its expense
Because it adds nothing to their pool
Of money and mansions, and machinations
So they the Earth must re-tool!

The Lord, in His Mercy
Provides the Plan of Redemption
But Elitists who made themselves be special
Have machinated on World Domination!

God made Man to worship Him
Man denies God and worships himself
And is totally in love with the call to
“Do what thou wilt!”

What is so elite about a self-made god?
Nothing that I can see or understand.
Let me stick with Jesus Christ, the Maker
And not fall for the ramblings of some faker
Who can't stop himself from visiting the undertaker and
Who will soon be dropped
Into the Lake of Brimstone and Fire!

Don't Be Fooled:
These NWO Elite are neither wise nor omnipotent
and they will be humbled!

Jesus Christ Reigns and Rules Forever!
Deal With That!