Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Plow and The Altar

YOU WILL be called 
THE LORD when the Testing Time comes?

Red Bullock - he was standing
Ready to work as called
He stood betwixt two stations
Plow and Altar proud!

His preparation had been perfect
He was trained unto the Plow
But he was also without blemish
And would make God’s Altar proud!

My friend, this is a metaphor
Of what all Christians should be
For the Father He has promised
To provide strength as our day shall be!

Our stance - we who are called Christians
Should be such that called wherever it be
We should without fear or failing say
Lord, I am ready! Sendest thou me!

Let us, therefore, get ourselves ready
Let us let God guide our way
Let us let God be the Master
Directing us along this life’s highway.

Let us let God teach us daily lessons
Let us learn and not shirk or turn away
Let us let God’s Holy Spirit
Comfort and heal us as we follow God’s Straight Way.

Pray - not pontification
Pray - not sway and walk away
Lead - by God’s Good example
Follow - Jesus on The King’s High Way!

Dear Ones,

The day is fast approaching when we will receive our call to serve our Lord.

Will the call send us to plow the field one last time to tell of God's Love and Faithfulness and coming glory OR will the call to service send us to the Altar of Sacrifice?

No one knows where his call will require him to serve, therefore, let us all prepare, prepare, and pray.

Let us girt our loins with the gospel of truth, and let us, by God's ever loving Grace, set out on the path to Glory knowing that our God will give to us what strength we will need for the way we must walk  ON THE DAY  in which we require same.

Trust God!
Love, Live, and Teach Truth!
Keep your eye on The Prize, and
And let your life be your testimony!
Glory Awaits!

By Your Grace, Lord
Through our holding
To the Faith of Jesus Christ
And by the Covering of 
The Blood of Jesus' Sacrifice
Please let the passing of the Coming Test 
Be our testimony 
Which will lead some poor 
Sin-sick soul to accept
Our Beloved Jesus 
And put on His Righteousness
And press on to Glory! 
Lord, help us to bear much fruit!