Saturday, May 23, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: It's Eve's Fault! OR, Is It? + A Personal Puzzler

I love Him because He loved me first
I will live because He's alive
No matter how you look at it
Because of me Jesus was crucified!

Jesus had no reason for repentance
None for sorrow
None for blame
But on that accursed blessed day on Earth
He suffered shame for my rebirth!

When I was young I used to say that I wished that I could see Eve, for it was because of her Living Sin that I was dressed all way down past my knees!

I did not stop to consider that if Adam had denounced Eve, I could have been living in His Presence!

I thought of how to "slap" her face for all the problems she's caused me, for wearing clothes in Summer time is egregious - that really fried me!

The years go by in sickening haste
And anger at Eve acquires a whole new dimension
For it was her folly and fault I see Do say
That causes Sin to be my constant attention invention contention!

New ways to Sin, to lie and cavort were always on my front burner
Look sharp, my friend
For I must tell that this was so until I met The Master
Jesus Christ The Lord - My True Friend!

Nothing much to recommend the day
Ordinary to start until it then went into decay
From bad to worse, with a glance or two at the mind's hearse
And that was when it became apparent:"Girl! Put that "car" in reverse!"

My profligate life was mine to own, no more at Eve could I throw stones
Every mark on Christ was mine alone
I put Him on the Cross
For personal ME He'd atoned!

Dear Ones,

Adam and Eve committed the Sin of Disobedience  ... but it had a firm foundation:

Eve saw that the Forbidden Fruit was pretty. (Lust of the Eyes)
Eve heard that the Forbidden Fruit was good for her to eat. (Lust of the Flesh)
Eve heard that she could be as wise as her Creator. (The Pride of Life)
Adam chose to eat the Forbidden Fruit because Eve tempted him with it (Lust of The Eye)
Adam chose to disobey God because he didn't want to lose Eve's companionship (Lust of The Flesh)
Adam chose to believe Eve's story of acquiring God's hidden wisdom (The Pride of Life)

Eve's eyes were bigger than her stomach and wrote a check she could not personally cash.

Eve dismissed her faith in her Creator when she believed what Satan told her - believing Satan equals doubting God.

Eve's Sin was committed on the heel of a Lie
Which had acquired legs on the wings of Doubt and Coveteousness
Which had a heart fed by Greed through the veins of Hate
Nurtured by a Vain Vision of satisfying the Vain Hunger to acquire God's Glory and Worship.

So much for one teensy, weentsy lie.

Sin is never what it appears to be: eating a fruit caused banishment, released evil, actuated death and destruction, exposed laborious work and physical and spiritual pain, and cost God the Life of Jesus Christ, and more.

Let us remember that when temptation comes it very rarely is about what is actually showing its face.

Pray ... without ceasing, and remember that Satan will tempt you if you enter the arena of your weakness BUT, BUT, BUT, he cannot make you commit the Sin!

Again, pray without ceasing!

Here is

A Personal Puzzler:

1. Jesus died once for all!
Did the Godhead say Jesus is accepted assigned to die because of
One Sin for One Man OR
All Sin for One Man OR
Every Individual Sin for Every Individual Man for All Recorded Time?

2. If Jesus Christ died for the Whole Wide World, how many Sins did He pay for IF every human - by virtue of Sin - has at least a Legion of Sin?

3. Categorize wise humanity's idea of Sin, i.e., big, little, black, white, good, bad, evil, trifling, etc.. against God's clear definition. Which Sin do you feel it is okay to commit tomorrow?

4. What killed Jesus?

5. Is Jesus "really" alive to/for you, today? How?

6. If Jesus - having been crucified for Sin - is alive today, why is there still rampant Sin in the world?

7. If there is still Sin in the world, does this not mean we have to crucify Jesus afresh?
a. If Jesus is to be crucified afresh, are we personally offering assistance preparing for the execution?

8. If a person does not believe in Jesus, does that mean that
(a) Jesus did not die for that person's sins and that
(b) That person - in choosing to be their own surety against Final Death - will have the opportunity to offer a creditable, effective, case-winning, self-defense when the Judgment is called, and that they may win their case?