Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Give Your SELF to God!

In faith, Give God what you have - He accepts the willing heart!
In love, Give God who you are - He accepts the helpless soul!
In hope, Give God your burdens - He is well able to carry them!
Give, give, Dear One, to God!

Give God your Will
Your Way
Your sad reflections!
Give God your Sorrows
Your Dreams
Your Hopes
Your Fears!
Give God your Life
His Acceptance rate is always 100!
Give, give, to God, your Soul!

Pray purely to God
No middleman, no outliers, no fake assemblies!
Just you, just God
Your heart, His Ear
Your confidence
Give, give, Dear One, to God!

Raise up your head!
Lift up your heart - no pride!
Puff up your chest!
Sing as the Lark!
God is your Friend
Trust you in Him
On Him you can surely depend!

Turn not aside!
Be steadfast
And in That Day
Your confidence will see His as your King!

Give, give, to God!
You gain, gain, immeasurably!
Give, give, to God!
Be assured His Grace will provide for you!
Give, give, to God!
His Mercy has no boundaries!
Give, Your SELF, Dear One, to God!