Tuesday, June 30, 2015

God, The Creator, Created Creation For His Created Creature, Man

When God was making His Creation
His intention was quite clear!
He was making it for Man of His Likeness
Whom to His Heart He held quite dear!

Nothing was made in a vacuum!
Man's purpose was clearly laid out!
Multiply, Replenish and Conquer for
You are not here to muck about!

Everything God made was Good in His Eyesight!
Everything has a Stated Responsibility!
Nothing on The Planet is idle
Not even The Ant, Tick nor The Fly, Tsetse!

Light was given Pole Position
Representing the Light of the World
The Working of the Holy Spirit
Making a Saint of the meanest, vilest churl!

Life of Man was Creation's Penultimate Glory!
Man - The Likeness of The Eternal God!
Man to worship His Maker
Not The Elements, not The Goat but The Great I AM!

Man's Life was gotten from the Life-Giver
The Light of Life - Light of the World!
All required was following One Simple Instruction
And Man next to Angels would whole holy before God forever stand!

The Crowing Glory of Creation was The Sabbath!
An exemplar was set before Man!
Remember Me! Memorialize My Creative Endeavors
And nothing can make you other than Forever Free!

But ... Envy and Pride and Hatred
Slithered around The Garden Beautiful - Eden - Man's Home!
The Lie led to Disobedience
Which led to Murder you know ... Death
And we have been forever since dying, you know ... Stone Cold!

The Lamb, the lamb, the Sacrifice
Came, lived, taught, was betrayed, by greed for little gain
And envy for what could not be available
Propelled by The Deep Hate of That Snake
Seeking worship from The Lord who did him make!


Fast forward today to This Period of Time
Where indwelt men have usurped God and His Authority!
To destroy God's image - Man
They've come up with an Alternate Plan
And Man's Butt is in a Sling and over The Can!

Man is God!
God is Man!
ManGod has a Fool for a Client
And numerous are The Clients who are ISO 9002 Compliant!
They follow Man-made Creed!
They live at High Speed
And cannot "their" Planet even feed!

Listen, My Friend!
This is The Time of The End!
Get a grip and seek after The Lord!
Calling God Man does not make Him a man!
He keeps His own Good Records, and
Vengeance is His!
He's The Almighty!



Will Escape