Friday, June 12, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH +The Prayer Family

Okay, Class! Let's continue:

Ernest Lee and Percy Vering Prayer are fraternal twins who are identical!

Their mother, Mayn Lee Prayer, has a twin herself who is called Cahm Lee Prayer.



But ...?!

Yes, yes!! Ask your question!

How come Mayn Lee Prayer and Cahm Lee Prayer have the same last name if they are both married with children?

Good question!

And the good answer is ...?

Good answer is that a Prayer married a Prayer!


So their names are Mayn Lee and Cahm Lee Prayer-Prayer!

Good gracious!

Get it?

Pray a Prayer! 

You crack me up!

Anyway, Mayn Lee is married to Fas N. Prayer whose father is People N. Prayer whose wife is Victoria S. Prayer whose Granny is Abiden Prayer.

Well, you could imagine how it is when all these Prayers come together!

You see, all of these Prayers married other Prayers.

Some have remained faithful and, sadly, a few have not!

There is now a branch in The Family that is totally off the wall:

Vile Prayer-Labyrinth
Laffinh Prayer
Prayer Tudee-Aire and
Du-Spell Ahn Prayer

are creating problems for

DeChurch N. Prayer
Power N. Prayer
Prayer Fuhde Power and Restlin N. Prayer!

Anyway, Goode and Faithful Lorde are the Overseers of the Congregation and they do not stand for nonsense, new-age nuggets, nor one-world common ground foolishness!

They have issued "The Directive" requiring Heartfelt Prayer to be the standard bearer - no exceptions!

There has been much grumbling by the youngsters who want to "go modern," but Steadfast N. Prayer wouldn't allow any deviations, and Re Pente and BeYou Baptized are armed and ready for the fight that is coming.

Never Theless, All Said, Ann Done, Tudee Finish, Gaud S. Gain, and Glory B. Prayzed have joined with Hymm Sing and Gausspel and Gauds Troof at the home of Maintin N.  and Tarree N. Prayer to petition for Power To Overcome.

The triplets, Icahn, Ucahn, and Lettus Prayer sang "God Will Make A Way!" while their father, Daycahn Prayer, played the guitar - their mother Lourdes Prayer said the benediction.

Besides a few black sheep, I am sure Grandfather Godly Prayer would be pleased with his legacy!

The Prayers sound good!

Want to meet one of them?


Saint Lee meet This S. Prayer!