Thursday, June 4, 2015


I AM The Lord - I Love YOU!
I AM The Good Shepherd - I Will Lead and Feed YOU!
I AM The I AM - I Will Always Be With YOU!
I AM The Lord!

I AM Your Savior - I Died for YOU!
I AM Your Redeemer - I Paid In Blood To Save YOU!
I AM Your Friend - I Walk Beside YOU!
I AM The Lord!

I AM Your High Priest - I Mediate For YOU!
I AM Your King - I Reign Over YOU!
I AM Faithful and True - I Have Made A Home For YOU!
I AM The Lord - Come Share My JOY!

Hold YOU The Fort
Hold Strain - Stand Firm - I AM Guiding
Turn Not Aside - For Friend, Foe, Fate Nor Familiar
Hold On, My Child - I AM Coming
Be It Dawn, Noon, or Set Of Sun!

Whate'er Betide
Let No Man Kill Your Hope Tree -
Water, prune, and manure it!
Be Faithful To My Word
Within It Is Eternal Life
Without Is Death and Destruction!
Hold Fast Your Hope
Let No Man Steal Your Crown!

I AM No Great Pretender
I AM The Lord - Not Man That I Should Lie
I AM The Prince Of Peace - Kind, Loving, Oh, So Gentle
I AM That I AM - Almighty God!

I AM Holy - Walk YOU before Me Holy!
I AM Near!
Come YOU To Me For Shelter
I AM That I AM