Wednesday, June 17, 2015

IF God Ran The Government!

Have you noticed the differences between God and the Government?

God spent His All on the people!
Government makes the people spend their all!

God gives His All to make the people's lives the best!
The people give all to make the Government run - no contest!

God has special interests in all the people!
Special People have interests in the Government!

God's government is agreeably Three!
Government Three without God is run disagreeably!

God Says!
Jesus Executes!
Spirit Works!

Executive Demands!
Legislative Rewards!
Judicial Polls!

God IS!
Government is ... subject to the vagaries of  Interests and Life!

God created something out of nothing!
Government creates nothing out of something!

God brings in people!
Government bars out people!

God gives His people an #EminentDomain!
Government robs citizens with Eminent Domain!

So we have God and we have Government:

If God ran the Government
The People would be blessed!
If God ran the Government
All Sin would be confessed!
If God ran the Government
Life on Earth would be a success!
If Only God ran the Government!

If God ran the Government
All would answer at His behest!
Life on Earth would not be a contest!
Satan would not be manifest on the Money Chest
And  Life ... would just be the very best!
If ONLY ... GOD ran the Government!
If ONLY GOD ... ran the Government!
If ONLY GOD ran ... the Government!