Monday, June 15, 2015

Know The Enemy Of Your Soul!


His Peace is War
His Love is Hate
His Light is Dark
His Benefit is Death
His Bread is a Rock
His Fish is a Snake
His Water is Poisoned
He cannot save, salve nor slake!

His Promises are Putrid
His Goal is the Grave
His Wine is Slavery
He cannot Atone!

His god is Himself
His Truth is the Lie
Murder most foul
His card-carriers' kites fly!

Injustice is juice - Malice is nice lace
Glories in the profane
Hunts and kills Christians
Cheats and steals but never takes blame!

Corrupt praise - demonic worship
Paganistic displays
Sacrifice unto idols
The Mark of his ways!

Enticements - embellishments
Bright baubles - big beads
Delicacies delicious
Fate fraught with fat fleas!

Destroys the developing
Sprays the food growing on the farm
Places poison in your pantry
Motivates products to kill and harm!

He despises Heaven's Master
He seeks God's worship as his own
He suffers from I-itis
His end is fire and brimstone!

We all know this is Satan
Know your enemy - don't underestimate
Or you will on the Final Day
Suffer his just and same fate!


God giveth Life!
God giveth Grace!
And because of His Mercy
You have an escape
Unto Glory, in Heaven
Where there is no night
Where nothing defileth
Where never Sin can you bite!

Trust Jesus, Just Jesus
Kindhearted and True
Faithful, Forgiving
He who died to save you!

Accept you His offer
Of Salvation and Peace
Use your Satan Repellent
Use your super power array!

Pray without ceasing
Read you King James' Holy Bible each and every day
No corruptions - no fakes
Not those bibles that with Sin play!

Get on your knees!
Lay on your bed!
Stand in your closet!
Bow your heart - not just yours knees and your head!

Go to Almighty God
He is to be found
And believe this in confidence -
He won't you confound!

Humble yourself as a child
Needing guidance - to be lead
And trust Jesus for deliverance
And Satan will from you have fled!

Proclaim it from the housetop
Proclaim it from the hills
Proclaim it over oceans, rivers and seas
Jesus is Savior!
The Coming Victorious King
Elevate Him - He is Gracious!
Sing praises!
To Him cling!