Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nature! Grace! Lust!

It doesn't take much to please Nature!
It takes even less to satisfy God's Grace!
But when it comes to that girl, Lust
She wants everything, or she acts a right disgrace!

A little water for Nature to be growing!
A confession of past sins God's Grace is well satisfied!
But #LustIsInsatiable - she won't be denied!

She wants champagne and jewels
Money and furs
Tickets to hot concerts, and keys to fast cars!
Contention - a steed!
The Gots, the Gains
Some Mores - No Spam, please!

Truffles, Mussels
Horses and Trained Rats
Fur Babies of High Calibre
Things that back-scratch!

Porn, Pork Pies, and Jeweled Pasties
Diamond cellphone
Gold foil on chocolate-covered red velvet layer cake
Tanning bed - gotta get a good tone!


Nature will feed you!
Grace leads to #EverlastingLife!
But all that Lust gives you
Is ignominious Death!
After Life's dice been rolled
And you've overplayed your hand
The Dealer will holler
"Take a dirt nap!"
And The Undertaker will dress you
Without your request!

Such a pity! So pitiful!
What a pitiful shame!
To have chosen The World and
Lost your Soul's Gain!

No pity for you!
You wore you your poison
Like white rice wears bean stew!
You can't separate it!
You can't clean it off!
You spit and cough!
But it won't from you get off!

So before The Day is over!
Before your Call comes!
Get rid of your idol altars and
Ask God to come down
To clean you,  renew you, remake you,  reform
And give you a new heart
And leave Lust forlorn!

Pray! Plead! Prostrate yourself!
Plead! Pray! Against Lust complain!
Tell God you're sorry!
You want on The Gospel Train!

Lust - be damned!
Lust - be shamed!
Lust - it had me in Sins chains!
I called to Jesus and He came!
Now Lust can't light for me Hell Fire's flames!