Monday, June 29, 2015

No Created Being Is God To Nor For Me!

#AManCanNeverBeGod, and
I am not my own god!
I cannot protect perfect My Self for
Chaos and Confusion follows
And guns get taken off book shelves!

I am a Created Being!
The Living God - Himself - laid me out!
He numbered the hairs on my head
And made it possible for me to skip, and shout, and run about!

My Purpose was set forth for me:
Worship God, Honor and Obey!
And the Freewill that He gave me
I give it back to Him everyday.

I do not choose to be Willful and Wicked!
I do not choose to Sin - just because!
But because I am a Fallible Being
I place My Trust in The Holy God!

God set forth The Plan of Salvation!
His Beloved Son chose to die for me
And because of The Blessings I'm receiving
I choose God - not man, nor vanity!

I am not my own God!
I bow before The Lord - Jesus Christ is He!
I worship and bow down before God Almighty, and
Not some clown who goes to the bathroom just like you and me!

There is No God 


The God of The Holy Bible!

The Creator of Heaven and Earth

The Seas 


The Fountains of Water 

as set forth 


The Fourth Commandment 


Exodus 20:8-11

as set forth in Genesis 1:1

as set forth in John 1:1-4