Friday, June 19, 2015

PRAYER: Lord, I Have A Problem!

That’s disturbing my night’s rest!
I have to tell You about it!
I have to get it off my chest!

Everybody is trying to tell me
That believing in The One God is passe
That I need to get with "the program"
Before all the goodies get carried away!

Why, Lord, should I need more than one god?
Why do I need to play
With Satan’s lying companions
If I don’t want to be led astray?

I may not be too worldly wise nor
I may not be an Einstein on the way
But I am a Believer in Jesus
And that ain’t going to change tomorrow, nor today!

My needs are few, and they are simple
I don’t need a galley maid
I don’t need no French Chef, nor a butler
Nor a secretary who is deft!

I have someplace to put my head
I have good food to eat
My back is warmly covered
And I have whole shoes on my feet!

I wish these people would leave me
Alone with my praise to The One God
I am satisfied that He is real for
He IS The Almighty, The Lord!

Father, I thank You for listening
I thank You for provision each day
I thank You for Your Hands of Mercy
Which protect me in myriad ways!

Please accept my prayer today for Mercy
For those whose eyes are filled with the World
I pray, Lord, that You would provide Eye-salve
To kill the germs that are crowding out The Holy Word!

I pray for Rest for the Faithful
I pray for Faith for those seeking Your Rest
I pray for the Protection of The Dear Angels
Until the Day The Earth Shall Close
Bless, Father, all The Dear Children
Following after Your Truth
Let them walk as Little Children
For You promised to lead until they’re long in the tooth!

Father, today is the Last Day for many
For they will not see again
The beauty of another Sunrise
Nor listen to another one
Of Satan’s cruel and foul lies!

So, until it is time for my Rest, Lord
Let me walk in my Faith
In You who has always been Faithful to me
Until, indeed, the End of My Days!