Saturday, June 20, 2015

That's Not What I Planted!! Lord, Helpppp!!

I have a little garden
In which I planted several stands
Of  Peas and Belly Pumpkin
And beautiful Yellow Yams
But ... to my consternation
What do you think I beheld?
My Peas were Beans called Runners
My Yams had candy coating on them
And all of my nice Pumpkins
Were wearing red vests down to their stems!

I cried: "Lord, You know I did not plant that
At least I don't know that I did!
Please, Father, please help me!
Show me the wrong that I did!"

"Dear Child, you, My Beloved
I am glad that you finally called
Because your Garden is damaged
And it is facing Recall!
You forgot your Gardening Instructions!
You thought you truly knew best!
You walked in your own knowledge
And now destruction is nigh to manifest!
You started out with Good Seed
But you nurtured them with manure
From Sin and Self-Satisfaction
Envy, Pride, Greed and Good-show!
You watered them with Idolatry
False Witness, Preying - Not Prayer!
You emasculated Good Witness!
You eviscerated God Speed!
You denigrated my Holy Bible!
You elevated Knowledge of Man for your steed!
You paid tribute to Prosperity Gospel
And now you're loving your relationship with
Disbelief and God's Name Be Damned!
Thankfully, your cup is not quite filled up
Else you wouldn't now be calling My Name
My Spirit on you is still working
Or you would be amongst those 
Marked for Eternal Death's Living Flames!
My Child, you so beloved
Let go of the world - it cannot you satisfy!
Let go, let go, and let Me bless and keep you
For you, my Son was crucified, bled and died!
My Yoke - the line for your walking
My Burden - challenges to perfect your own soul
Are easy and light - bear them and I will bear you
To Me where you'll walk on Streets of Gold!
Okay, you may well cry!
But, yes, you will soon laugh!
I gave you My treasures to keep!
Those Tears are there for your cleansing
And the Laughter will help you to heal!
Together we'll destroy this Sinful Garden
Together we'll plant Garden of Life
We'll water with Grace
Manure it with Faith
We'll treat it with Son-Light
We'll tend it with Love
And Mercy with keep watch
From My Throne up Above!
I love you, My Little One!
Walk straight in My Sight!
Trust Me for Provision
And you'll never again have Sin-Blight!"

I Will See You Through!