Saturday, June 6, 2015

VESPERS AT THE END OF THE SABBATH: Distractions Tickle, Tempt and Taunt!

Distractions tempt taunt and tickle me
To turn aside awhile
This must have been what Ms. Eve did see feel endure
When the Serpent did she beguile.

Well, Distraction
Let me speak to you
You will not me defile
My Nana Eve caused me to be wearing cloth
To suffer from mosquitoes, disease,  work and sloth
BUT The Father in Mercy made a way
Of redemption for me and mine
So let me tell you something here today:

Get Thee hence!
Go behind me!
Get away with you!
I know how to pray!

The Holy Spirit is in me
He's here to stay!
Thank God for Jesus
For my sin life He paid!

Jesus got The Answer
In Gethsemane:

"Nothing has changed, My Son
You're going to Calvary!
We love these sin-sick children!
My wrath must be appeased!
We love them enough to spend on them
The Life of My Beloved in whom I am well pleased!"

You see God paid His Best to get rid of my worst
So I have accepted the Purchase
You can wiggle, you can tickle
You can taunt
You may flaunt
You may fly
You may cry
You may lie and sigh
I ain't going to eternally die
For that which can't my longing soul satisfy.