Saturday, June 13, 2015


I have loved incautiously!
I have loved a love that denigrated me
A love that took repeatedly
Yes, yesterday, I loved incautiously.

Today, I Love incautiously
I Love The Son of Man who elevates me
The Man whose Love for me was proved sacrificially
Today, I happily Love incautiously!

Dear Ones:

Love that takes for itself is not love!

Our Master, The Eternal God, set the standard for us by giving to us His All - His Very Life.

He has stated:

In this corporeal realm, a person may die for another, but that death saves a life now that will die later, and possibly forever at The Judgment!

Many of us give to our partners, spouses, children, bosses, jobs, best friends, pets, hobbies and possessions more love and attention than we will offer to God.

We are, and have been, guilty of this sin - it IS Sin - and we need to repent in sackcloth and ashes i.e., copious tears and prayers for Forgiveness, Mercy and Grace.

We wittingly love wrongly!

 We also wrongly, willingly, love incautiously!

 We also wittingly, willfully, live and love incautiously, and the Pathway to our Living In Peace is paved with If Only, Would Have, Could Have, Should Have, But, Didn't and Regrets!

Nevertheless, because of the Love of God, and our acceptance of His Grace, via His Mercy, we may choose - it IS a choice - to Love Jesus Christ with gay abandon, i.e., without fear and trembling!

Let us 
our priorities!

Let us 

Let us, by The Grace of God Which Passes ALL Understanding, cast all our fears aside and Love Jesus wittingly, willingly, willfully and rightly ... Incautiously!

Jesus has made Unimaginable Plans for Our Wedding Celebration and, I am sure, Wonders Will Abound!

Be encouraged, and

Be well, and be gloriously blessed!