Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We All Want The Crown But ...

A beautiful gown!
A gorgeous crown!
I can handle wearing those but
Holding a cross
Doesn't go with my outfit and
Doesn't fit with the frou-frou mood!
Carrying a cross seems, well ... somehow ... lewd!

Who wants to be sorrowing?
Who wants to feel pain?
Who wants to show neglect
When everybody else and his brother sister shows gain?

Who wants to be hungry?
Who wants to go to jail?
Who wants to be die thirsty
From standing on a rusty nail?

Who wants to be hated
For calling on the Lord
When all around people ignore Him
And enjoy special rewards and live loud?

Who wants to be disowned?
Who wants to have their knowledge disavowed
When all around are people
Who live big eating cracked crab and raw cow?

Who wants to drink dirty water?
Who wants to eat weevil bread?
When Uncle Patty and Aunt Danny
Are pouring champagne on each other's head?


But ...

Christ-Follower REALITY Check:

We must come to the realization
That serving the Lord is no cake walk
For He told us quite plainly
That following Him will bring out
Vultures and Hawks
Who, for want of a better
See no reason not to God's people afflict
With pain, sorrow, threats and
Trials and denials
Before kings and Queens
Foreign dignitaries
The ones who have their godship
And who spread hate like roman fleas spread disease!

So, buckle up!
Bow your head!
Lift your heart - no pride!
Say a prayer!
Come out of the dark!
God IS good!
God IS great!
God loves His Children!
He holds their fate!
No man like themselves
Can deal draw drag them away
From The God of The Bible
The God in the 23rd Psalm
The God in Psalm 46
The God of Psalm 121
The God of Psalms 19 and 20
And definitely not from the God of beloved Psalm 91!


From This Moment On:

I shall - without reservation
Carry my Cross - splinters and all!
I shall pray without ceasing!
I shall make the Lord my portion!
I will look up for I know
My Help comes from The Lord, God Almighty
All Seeing
All Knowing
Ever Present
Who created All
Who gives to each length of days
Who provides good things
Who is long-suffering toward us
Even when we stray
Who has prepared His Place for us
Who has given us His Holy Spirit
For comfort
And His Hand of Promise
By His Spilt Blood on His Own Cross
That we - when we bear our personal crosses -
Will have the Blessed Assurance
Of Rest, Peace, Love, Joy
Hope, Grace, Mercy
A Victor's Palm
A Robe of Righteousness
A True Gold Crown
A New Name
And the best of All
A Glorious, Immortal Body
And Angelic Escort
To a Personal, Custom Built Mansion
Of His Design
Where we shall A L W A Y S behold His Beautiful Face!
Until then ...
We shall have
Angels to Guard and Guide
Holy Spirit to Comfort and Chide and Direct and Teach and Correct
Courage for the Journey
Strength for Way
The Faith of Jesus
And the Power Of and In Prayer!

THEREFORE, in that Certain Hope, I say:

Father, lift me up 
and carry me 
as I carry my cross!