Saturday, June 13, 2015

Why, Lord?! + Prayer

Why, Lord, do the people ignore Bright Right Light but embrace Pulsating Darkness?

Why does it seem that sinning is satisfying and right-doing is demeaning?

Why is hate a full plate and love a dry date?

Why is cruelty elevated and kindness denigrated?

Why is Faith in Jesus called folly but belief in Satan is called wisdom?

Why do we seek vainly after what You have not given unto to us to know?

Why are we not contented with a little bit, some and enough?

Why do we always say "Gimme more!"

Why do we glamorize evil?

Why do we despise goodness and right but appeal to them when evil and wrong hinder and harm?

Why don't we Love You, Lord?

Why do we hate You, Lord?

Why, Lord, are we trying to make You, GOD Almighty, Mighty to Save, a small god?

Why can't certain of us feel the temperature of the times?

Lord, have Mercy
Come soon and displace
All who hate Jesus
Those who have no place for His Love and Grace
Bless all Your Little Children
And from that Good Wheat
Make for Your table, Lord
Loaves, blessed, bountiful, sweet.
Your Rain overflowed
Your Ground was good firm
Your Workers were Faithful and
They worked and they learned
For they were Believers
Kindhearted and true
And they loved, lived and trusted
And longed after You!
Come, Lord!
Gather Your Harvest
Filled with bountiful plump grain
And let The Time of Rejoicing be Glorious and 
Eternally Sustained!