Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You Know The Word!?!

You know the Word of the scriptures
 But do you acknowledge its power to save?
You walk around speaking of its power
But, yet, you to the World are a slave.

Your reasoning with your friends and benefactors
Show the earthy direction of your thoughts!
You are not seeking for God's Kingdom
You want to know what jewel power for you He has bought!

Your motives are suspect - all can see that!
There is no honoring God as you read!
You are looking for personal glory and public honors
And preaching teaching knowing God's word is your steed!

"Come let us reason!" says the Father.
"Let's put our heads together today!
Your sins are the color of scarlett
And I will clean them white if you pray!"

"Study to show yourself approved
A watchman worthy of his pay!
Stop behaving like the eye-servant
Working only when you think I am looking your way!"

"Child, I don't need to look in your direction!
I know the direction of your thoughts!
There is nothing that you can hide from Me
For I hold the reigns of your heart!"

"Now, humble yourself before Me!
Remove the world from your eye!
Playing both sides of the fence, Child
Is going to cause you to spiritually die!"

"Come unto me you who labor
For what is not even gold!
What you have in your grasp is just Pyrite
That which is called fools gold!"

"Cast that dross away from you!
Buy from Me gold that is tried!
Buy eye-salve that will make your sight perfect
And white linen to your nakedness hide!"

"Trust my Word!
Heed my Law!
Follow my direction!
Lead, follow or step aside!
If you lead you are the Master
Who is nothing but a blind guide!"

"If you follow Me, you follow Perfection
Perfect Love which casts out your fears!
Yield to Me - My Burden is easy
And My Yoke is light as My Holy Word says!"

"If, however, you choose to walk in your own way
Step aside - I am coming -You won't know the Day!
And I'm not taking any prisoners
It's going to be a remove debris and burn day!"

"My Children that say:

"Yes, we are here, Father!"

Will be sitting pretty that Day:
A Kingdom
And Eternity will be the length of their days!"

"There's a choice!
Make you your decision!
Don't just speak -
Acknowledge the Power of My Word!
If not on the Day of My Coming you will just be fodder - That IS My Final Word!"

Choose you this day whom you will serve!