Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DECLARATION: God's Grace IS Sufficient ... for ME!

Because God IS Love
He shows Me Mercy!

Because God IS Merciful
He provides Me Grace!

Because God's Grace is Sufficient for Me
I can accept #God'sFreeOfferOfSalvation!

Because Salvation was Purchased for Me with Jesus' Blood
I will accept Free Salvation!

God's Free Salvation Requires Cleanness
But there is No Cleanness in Me
So I must
"Come Clean" to King Jesus
And that means
Confession and Repentance of All Sin for Me!

I can't go to God except through Jesus!
I won't be Saved carrying on, and living, in Known Sin!
God is Holy, and I must live Holy
But I can't ... in My Own Strength!

I need Jesus - who Died on Calvary -
To set me Free!

Jesus was Lifted up, Died and was Raised Up to Glory!
I Died too - I was Baptized!

I rose from the Watery Grave 
To walk in The Renewal that Jesus' Life gives and
One day I, too, will be Raised all the way up to Glory
Provided I'm Faithful and 
Live in The Light of ... The Promise
Inked on Life
Sealed in Death and
Wrapped by Raised from The Grave
Held by He Lives
Guarded by Certain Hope and
Trumpeted by He Is Near!

I love The Lord!
I laid my Burden down!
I trust The Word's Word!
I walk by Jesus' Faith!
I lean on The Comforter!
I sleep in Peace for
Eternal Rest is Secured and 
I am Assured of
God's Provision
So the World has no more 
A Brief holding for Me
For Righteousness is Mine, and
Jesus Christ, Himself
Is carrying Me!

Oh, yes!

God's Grace IS Sufficient for Me


My Soul