Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Flattering God!?!

I can't Flatter God with: "I Love YOU!"
I can't Coerce God with a Screaming Fit!
I can't Disappoint God with My Human Failures
But I will Anger God with Malicious Presumptuous Sin!

I can't Fool God with a Sham Confession!
I can't Hoodwink God with Repentance Fake!
I will Tempt God by Walking Outside of His Will
And by Playing with Sin Kitty and Calling 
"Save Me, I Fell Over Playing Devil Dodge Ball by Fire Lake!"

I Please God with Genuine Repentance!
I Celebrate God by Walking in Jesus' Faith!
I Bless God by Accepting Jesus' Blood Sacrifice!
I Honor God by Praying and Singing "His Name Be Ever Praised!"

Sing to Him Praise!
Stand Tall!
Walk Humble!
Head for The City - Victory IS Assured
Jesus Christ will Reign!
Get on board The Train
Satan, Death, Hell and Unrepentant Sinners 
Will be Utterly Destroyed!