Sunday, July 5, 2015

God's Grace IS Sufficient

Grace! Grace!
Sufficient Grace!
Free ... To you!
Free ... To me!
Available: NOW! 

Light! Sight! Available: NOW! 
Light! Sight! Not Blight!
Trust Him who can Save You!
Light! Sight! Available: NOW! 

Salvation Is Free! 
Get your Soul's Salvation
From Jesus! It's FREE!

Don't you Cry! 
Your own Self Deny! 
Don't believe Satan's Lie!

Trust and Obey!
Don't steal - You will pay!
Trust God every day!
Trust and Obey!

Pleading and Pray!
Talk to The Master today! 
Plead and Pray every day!
To Life find your way!

Worship The Lord!
It brings Blessing and Reward! 
Don't bow to The Fraud 
Who Thinks He is God!
Worship The Lord!

Read your Bible - its Tenets apply!
Don't you your flesh gratify! 
Sigh aloud and cry -
Only God's Word satisfies!

Comfort and Joy!
Comes from The Lord!
With You He won't toy!
Trust in The Lord!

Deny it a way to get in!
Give it No Access to Your Heart!
Don't condone Sin!

Even If You Possess The Most Grace

You Still Have NONE To Share!

Please! Everybody!

Get Your Own GRACE ... From God!