Friday, July 3, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Happily Independently Dependent on Jesus Christ!

Yesterday I said I was Independent
But then I found out it was all a Lie!
I found out I was dependent upon Emotions
Impressions, Current Lies and Worldly Ties!

And then...

Then I heard about Jesus and
The Freedom that He Brought Bought
And when I believed The Message
I was well and truly caught
Up and moved to great tears!
I was moved to cry: "Free Me, please!?!

I'd been a #SlaveToLife'sPassions
And they'd brought me bruised and bleeding to my knees!
I asked and asked Life's Bright Agents to help me -
They all just enjoyed hearing my pleas
But not one lifted a finger help me 
Without extending The Hand saying: "Cash, please!?!"


The Message spoke of The Master
Jesus, The True Light of The World!
Not of illuminated wannabes
Selling Souls for gold, positions and pearls!

The Master is Kind and Gentle!
He, it is, who Gives Me My Days
He, it is, who Died To Free Me
By Sacrifice and Raising Himself From The Grave!

He, it is, who Gives Unto All Freewill
He, it is, who Gives The Ability To Choose
He, it is, who Accepts Our Decision
To Pray, Plead, Petition, or To Move
On to other than Salvation's Green Pastures
To be Free to Wallow in Sin's Swill
To be Free to be a Slave To Lusts' Appetites or
To Be Truly Free by saying:
"In Me, My God, please Enter In!"

True Freedom doesn't come by Being Free To Do Wrong!
True Freedom comes from Being Able To Do Wrong
BUT, instead, saying: "No!"

True Freedom comes from Resting in God's Promises
And Knowing that, soon, He is Coming on down
To Earth, to Reward its Inhabitants
Each according to What He Has Done
Not to Gain The World and its Presents
But to Profit His Own Soul at The Last Trumpet Sound!

I have been Freely Independent!
I have been Foolishly Free ... In Me!
But, today, Thank The Lord, I have become Wise!
I now know that Freedom in Laws and Ways Without King Jesus
Will Earn Me The Reward of The Sulphur Blaze!



The Reward 


The Wise Unto Salvation!

I prefer The Reward of The Wise Unto Salvation
The Wisdom that comes from #LettingAlmightyGodLead
The Wisdom that comes from Rejecting Prideful Self-Aggrandizement
From Rejecting Satan's Ambassadors
Of Licentious Living, Lice, Luck, and God-wannabes!

I stand today ... Independent
Indwelt by Holy Spirit God
Independently Free to Sleep Without Worry
Of what Wicked Man Can Will Do to Me!

I say My Prayers!
I give The Wall World My Back!
I Trust in Jesus' Love
And I Relax
To Bask in The Glory
Of Him Who Is Soon Coming Back
To Give Me The Great Crown of Victory
For The Way Not Turning Aside Nor Back!


In Him I'm Truly Free!
No one is going to drown me
In the Burning Lake, believe me!
Independent in Jesus
In Him I'm Truly Free!
Victory! Through Jesus
I'm Free! Free! Free!!

To All God's People:


You ARE Free!!

Keep Pressing On To Glory!!