Friday, July 31, 2015


I was walking on Up to God
I met Man
He called Me: "Friend!!"
He implored Me to walk with him for
He knew of all of Life's Best Short-cuts to Journey's End!

He said he had been on Up to God before and
He beguiled Me
With much lying and lore, and
I was mesmerized
As He told me of what it was I was in for!

I had been warned
But I listened and strayed
My walk on Up to God 
Was delayed. Delayed!

I was regaled with stories of Hate and Love
Needs and Greed
He had a Great Knack
I ate swallowed his prepacked Snack!

I walked on in Myself
I didn't look in
I didn't look back
To see that True Companion
Was trailing ... bloody, and crying!

I - for a while - lived
With Company of Lies
I was motivated by 
The Lord of The Dung Flies!

I lived High
I partied Low
I laid on the Ground
I rolled around in mud and loved in black snow!

My New Friends had No Morals
They smelled of The Flame
I didn't
 ... I didn't care!

I really should have known
That Sweet Life doesn't last
It ends in a casket or 
In a full body cast!

There were Regrets and Recriminations
Lost Relations, and
Crying, and much wishing
For the Good that was and is now ... past!

My Day of Reckoning came
My Excuse for Folly? - It was lame!
I lived by My flesh, My eyes
I lived for the Praise of the In-World Game!

As for He Who Led Me To Stray
He was laughing - and pointing - at My Decay
And calling Me Fool
After CONvincing Me that his Way of Life 
Was happening, and way, way, cool!

It was then I saw My True State
I was inside the Pig
Eating that which made the Scavenger Swine salivate!

I thought of on My Father
Who His Servants fed!
Those Servants had much
For He did Reward
And I said in My Heart:

"I will go back to My Father
As His Servant, today!
I know He will Forgive!
He will help and heal My Decay!"

Loaded Down ... Dirty as I was
I ran toward Home! I couldn't stay away, and
My Father met Me in on The Way!
I cried, and I said:

"Father! Forgive Me!
I strayed, and really played!
I wasted My Substance on with The Fraud
Who cast me aside!
Father! He lied and lied
And I have been burnt!
Heal Me!
Help Me!
To You, My Lord, I return
For, Life Lesson, though hard
I have assuredly learnt!"

My Father washed Me - I was Renewed!
My Father clothed Me - the World I eschewed!
I walk ... NOW
On The True and Holy Way
I live for My Father
He's My Lord - The Light of The Way!

I have #TheRewardsOfTheSaints:

Help of The Angels
Saving by The Blood

The Spirit is My Comfort and My Stay!
What more can I say?!

I shall - in Jesus' Faith - Stay in The Fight!
I shall - with His Blessing - walk Faithfully into The Night
And on The Great Day
Coming very soon
I shall Rise Up - Glorified
To The Heavenly Reward
Way beyond the Big Moon!