Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No Goaters! No Kiddie Goat Heaven!

I went to the Altar of God - because I believed in Jesus' Love for Me!

I will Enter The Heavenly Home because

1. I Trust God's Word, and

2. I Respect His Sovereign Will as Lord of My Life!

I will Survive The Journey to Home because of a Living Faith in The Faithfulness of Jesus Christ.

I am at Peace because of The Blessed Hope, and


I Am A Foolish Wooly Sheep - not A Hairy Judas Goat.

God Guides!
Satan Lies!

God Deals Straight!
Satan Titillates!

God Creates!
Satan Imitates!

God Waits!

God Heals our hurts!
Satan Hurts our heels!

God Pleads!
Satan Kneads!

God is Love!
Satan is Hate!

God IS
Satan I'snt
Look at The Facts
Know The Difference!