Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Personal Puzzle: Who Am I?

When I was a Child My Eyes were Clear!
I did not know "NO!"

I Grew up and was Introduced to "NO!" and "NO NO!" and
Everything with "NO!" Greatly Displeases Me!

I Became Jaded with The Passage of Time!

My Eyes are now Dull!
My Heart is now Hard!
I Want what I Want when I Want it, and
I Want "IT" NOW!!

I Am Not to Be Denied!
Don't you Understand Who I Am?

I will be SATISFIED!
At All Costs!

Costs to Me?!
I Get What I Want!

Costs to You?!
Should I Care?

Works of Charity?!
To whom?
For what?

Everyday ... to My Self!

Yes, yes! Of course!
I am Totally in to Me!
I Just Love Me!

Who Am I?