Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rational Nonbelievers ... Dying To Live Free!?!

I am not a Humanist!
Neither am I "Dying to Live Free!"
Jesus Christ IS My Creator -
I Follow Him! I'm Signally FREE!

I am no Freethinker!
I cannot Walk by My Sight!
Jesus is My Pathway -
His Word is the Lamp lighting My way!

I am no Illuminated Highness!
I am no Self-willed Sin-loving Slave!
I Believe in Jesus Christ, My Lord!
I will Rise from Death! I'm by Jesus Christ Saved!

I do not need books to "Prove The Godhead!"
I will not seek to be Rational and Freewheeling re: GOD!
I Trust God's Word! I had have Sin - Jesus is My Cure!
I will be Lifted Up! Almighty God IS The Lord!

Do not try to "MOVE My Mindset" from Believer to Nonbeliever!
I "Came OUT" of Sin - not to Sexual Immorality Deviancy!
I will not use "God's Understanding"
To cover Licentiousness with Dr. Dog, Honor de Cat
Biggie Horse, Striped Stripped Human and Decaying Duppy!
Get away from Me! I'm not Sipping Deada with You and Satan!
I'm Blissfully, Happily in Jesus Christ FREE!

Divine Intervention IS My Bulwark -
Keep Pragmatic Interventions out of My Way!
I Trust Believe in The Living God - not Wicked Sin-loving Man
Who can't keep himself off the Can!
How, then, can he keep My Soul from being Damned?

Rational Nonbelievers a/k/a Freethinkers
Atheists, Satanists, Witches, Warlocks and the Like
Are in for a Rude Awakening
When Jesus Christ Returns ... As "The Thief In The Night!"

SO ...

Don't use your Corrupted Education as a Smoke Screen for Sin!
You do not have an excuse for Non-Belief for
God's Message of Love, Help, Hope and Healing
Salvation, Sanctification, and Redemption
Is written in Each Soul -
You WILL ANSWER for Disbelief when Jesus Christ breaks through The Clouds!

I am Free!
You can be Free - Give up Your Idols!
Stop bowing before the god of Sales, Self
Self-Aggrandizement, Free Sex, Gratify Me and Me Satisfy!
Give up your altar to That Demon and 
Bow before Almighty God -
He WILL Your Suffering Soul Surely Securely Satisfy!