Saturday, July 4, 2015

Take A Deeeep Breath!

Take a Deep Breath - Steady Yourself
Buy a Clue - Open The Holy Word
Get a Grip - Hold On To Jesus
Drop the Pretense - Home is not This World!

Confess The Sin - That has Beset You
Repent of The Past - Change Direction Today
Accept Christ - He IS The Savior
Follow Him forever, always
This IS The Way!

Savor The Indwelling Holy Spirit - Calmly - no capricious devil is He
#GiveGodHisGlory - it is His Right -  He is Holy
Start Walking Holy, Wholly and Faithfully
Toward That Great and Eternal City!

Enjoy The Protection of The Holy Angels - no evil companions see
Live in Jesus' Peace - Daily, daily
Bathe in His Grace - Nothing can Compare
Bask in His Mercy - Ever, Always
Glory, glory, ever, always, as You Pray!