Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Audacity of Sin!

#TrueSoulConversion changes One's Heart and Life!
It alters The Mind
The Judgment
The Affections and The Conversation!
No more do we walk out of Line for
We're connected to the Heart of The Divine!

A Saint cannot willfully choose
To walk in Sin and play with Refuse
And carry The Banner of The Cross
Without knowing that he is truly lost! He knows!!

Self-deception is a Satanic Ploy
That Old Boy Satan
Viciously victoriously employs
Always in the guise of Self-be-pleased
Until one is in the Muck and Mire begging
"Lord, have Mercy, will You please!?!"

The Master will not save us in Sin!
The Sin must be removed from deep within!
Confess The Sin - Repent to Him
Then The Dear Savior will Enter In!

That Preacher Teacher is a bold-faced liar 
Who says Jesus accepts a practicing, willful, wanton sinning "Saint!"
Jesus is The Holy God
And will not permit Uncleanness
To hold sway in His Presence!

There is a difference 


A #SinnerSavedByGrace 


A Self-satisfied so-called Saint 

sauced up on #AnotherGospel who

Sings the Songs,
Says The "Necessary" Prayers
Religiously pays the Specified Tithes and Offerings
Does Missions 
Teaches Bible Class
Works on Committee and
Usher Board, and is a
Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle

Who happens to be a Pedestrian Malicious Sinner who calls upon God

Holding The Bible and
Molests a child
Cheats and steals
Commits Adultery and Fornication
Is Ritually Abusive
Indulges in Self-abasement with Mankind, and 
Commits Bestiality

While denying The Lord His Right as Almighty God 
As s/he sings "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want!"
And changes him/herself into what God did not create them to be, and calls him/herself "Saved!"

God Is Not A Disgruntled Worker 

who makes

Monday Morning Merchandise!

God Does Not Make Mistakes!

God Does Not Drink Alcohol!

God Changes Neither His Mind 


His Clothing!

Almighty God 


The To-be-Saint 



a/k/a Confess and Repent!

With the Acceptance of The Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross as the Payment for Individual Sin, Grace Applied, and Mercy shown, that Used-to-be-Sinner will walk Holy, Self Denied!

Sin IS audacious and The Sinner may fool himself, but he cannot fool God who is All-seeing, All-knowing, and Ever-present! 

God is Lord and Savior, Righteous, Redeeming, Comforting and Coming ... and He cannot be mocked!

Far from just knowing what you did last night, God knows what you are going to do in 
one year, 6 months, 3 weeks, 4 days, five hours, 39 minutes, 17.525 seconds worth of blinks of your eye from now! 

So, if you will be saved:

Take a Deep Breath
Buy a Clue
Get a Grip
Drop the Pretense
Confess The Sin
Repent of The Past
Accept Christ
Savor The Indwelling Holy Spirit
Give God His Glory
Start Walking Toward The Eternal City
Enjoy The Protection of The Holy Angels
Live in Jesus' Peace 
as you 
Bathe in His Grace 
Bask in His Mercy!

Send Sin Scuttling Back to Satan!

Get The Great God 


Gain Glory!