Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Dead Family

We are The Dead Family:

Dead to The Living Truth
Dead in Trespasses
Dead to The Blessings of Eternal Life
Dead to God's Great Grace
Dead to The Gift of The Blessed Hope
Dead to God's Great Glory
Dead in Constant Sin
Deadly Peace
Deadly Ways
Deadly Words
Dead Works
Dead Life
Dead Hope
Dead To Grace
Dead To Mercy
Dead Faith
Dead Charity
Death Dancer
Death Defiant
Death Knell
Death Comes
Death Throes
Dealer In Death
Death Goes On Vacation

There are many, many, more of us, but I am sure you get "the Drift!"

We are Dead, Dying, Deadly, Deathly, Dangerous and Decaying.


And - Blessed Day - HELP arrived!

Heaven Ever Loves and Provides and
New Blood was poured into The Dead Family, and there was an Explosion of New Births!

New Life sprung forth and with Through Christ, brought forth
Blessed Assurance who brought forth
Jesus is Mine who begat
Heir of Salvation who brought forth 
Purchase of God!

I Learned To Pray brought forth
I Found The Answer who brought forth 
Troublesome Times Are Here who brought forth 
Standing In The Need Of Prayer who begat
Reach Out To Jesus who begat 
God Is Able!

I Am Not Worthy brought forth 
I Have Heard A Joyful Song who begat
Sabbath Rest who brought forth 
Abundant Blessing With Praise! 

Jedidiah brought forth 
I Am Not Worthy who begat 
Only Trust Him who begat
Jehovah Jireh who preaches
"All God's Paths Are Peace!"

So Send I You begat
Gospel Explosion who begat
Put You Trust In God who grandly sings
"Nothing Is Impossible With God!"

Ordinary Life brought forth Extraordinary Hope who begat 
Haven of Rest who brought forth 
Rescue The Perishing who begat 
Welcome Dear Redeemer who brought forth 
God Became A Man who declared
"Trust God for Salvation!" to which 
All To Jesus I Surrender loudly, and victoriously, said


The DEAD Family