Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Tumult Will Be Dread!

Jesus came to Earth for a Reason
His visit lasted a Season
His life was ended by Satan's Treason but
It Ultimately saved The Heathen!

Jesus Prayed
Jesus Walked
Jesus Talked
Jesus Healed
Jesus Helped
Jesus felt Hurt
Jesus felt Compassion
Jesus Preached
Jesus Bought
Jesus Taught
Jesus Fed
Jesus Lead
Jesus was Sold
Jesus is Living -
Definitely not Dead
He is Righteous
Returning, and
The Tumult will be Dread
For those who didn't  don't like 
The Table that His Loving Kindness Spread!

Sinners Weighed in The Balances
Found wanting are They
Who choose to Walk in Darkness
Darkness covering Cos-play!

Living with blinkers
Refusing others also to let see
That Leaning on Jesus
Will make Sin and Satan flee!

Living for Jesus
Leaning on Jesus
Loving Sweet Jesus
Steady He as the Wind Blows
A Shelter
A Covert
Restores He The Soul
Light is His Banner
Eternal Life is His Goal
Give Him Your Heart
See New Life unfold!

Don't worry
Don't wonder
Don't wander astray
Jesus Christ is Able
Faithful - The Way
To The Heavenly Father
To The Kingdom Above
There where all is known noted for
Love, Sweet, Abiding Love!

He's preparing Bright Mansions
For all who received
His Gift of Salvation
And to Him wholly Holy cleave!

Ring out the Glad News
Watch you yourself and Pray!
These Earthly Kingdoms 
Have had them their day!
Weighed in the Balances
"Found wanting!" He says

Jesus is coming for His Children
And Vengeance is His - He will Repay
All Those who Sowed The Winds of Sorrow, Evil, and Disbelief!
They will Reap The Whirlwind!
Their Day is Finished, Thank God!

SHOUT: "Relief! Relief!"

Heaven is Coming and 
Home - The Saved will go!
The Wicked will be Destroyed
At The Judgment of The Great White Throne!

All whose Names are not Found
In The Book of The Lamb
Will Perish in The Burning Lake 
And Finally ... There will be

Mine, Mine, Mine!
Peace will be Mine!
Forever and Always
Walk in The Holy Way!

Lord Jesus - come what may -
Gives Peace on
Land, Sea and Sandy Shore!

Give Him Your Praise
Walk Through His Open Door
And Peace is Yours - You can be sure

Now ... what do YOU say?