Saturday, July 25, 2015


Iniquity abounds
Thou knowest that God frowns
Remember that at Noah's time people drowned
This time fire will rain down.

I get very frightened
When I hear people speak dismissively of God
They speak as though God is a Mock-man
And Satan is someone of whom one can be proud.

I feel my skin go clammy
I feel my eyes dilate
I tremble when I hear them speaking of Almighty God
With much disdain and real hate!

Oh, Lord, have mercy upon your people
The Minions of Hell are no more on a secret rampage
For those who should have been teaching Truth to the People
Have sold Believers and Seekers out for desire of food, fame and really high wage!

Lust of the Flesh
Lust of the Eye
The Pride of Life - Real strokes of genius
Tried and true - Satan tried them out on the Lord
Jesus quoted Satan The "It is Written" - he fled
Judas didn't - and he will be eternally dead.

As for me, I'm trying to get God's Holy Word inside this heart and head.

God's People!
Don't give up the Journey to Salvation
Don't lie down and play dead because of a setback that you felt
Was a deal breaker between you and The Great Creator!
God can will save you IF you go to Him in prayer, and confess, and repent.

Pray to God the Father in the Name of The Son - King Jesus
Go to Him under God The Holy Spirit's Agency
This Godhead ever abides
Don't believe Old Satan's lies
For Living Fire will consume those
Who choose Living The High Life instead of Eternal Life
Which comes from accepting Jesus' Sacrifice and not living for feelings, fun and favorite buys!

All told, That Day Coming will be Momentous!
The Faithful Dead and Living will Rise!
The Not Rising Up will cry and die
After saying: "He IS Real, and we are not saved!"
But it will be ... too late
High Flown Knowledge Education cost them Eternal Life -
They chose Satan for their Forever Date Mate.