Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WISDOM: Sin Never Gets Old


Sin is Not A Show but It Exposes!
Sin Is Not a Plant but It Grows!
Sin Is Not A Bomb but It Destroys!
Sin Never Gets Old but It Ages!
Sin Doesn't Need Food but It Eats!
Sin Has No Feet but It Walks!
Sin Has No Mouth but It Talks!
Sin has No Teeth but It Bites!
Sin Has No Money but It Buys Stock!

Destroying You Is Sin's Delight!

Give Sin An Inch and It Walks A Mile!
Give Sin A Nail and It Produces The Hammer!
Give Sin A Toehold and It Breaks Down Your Door!

Sin Is Like A Centipede With A Last Minute Invitation! - It's All Over The Place!
So, Run For Cover!
Put Jesus' Blood Over Your Heart's Door!

Bring In Jesus!
Block Out Sin!
Breathe Easier!
Gain Eternal Life!