Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Before 12 o' Clock!

The day started with news of Patricide
Then it was followed by a Suicide
Then there was a Homicide
And I was feeling, well, Tongue-tied!

In whom could I Confide
Regards the Flowing Red Tide?
"Time is Running Short
For those Denying that Jesus Christ Died for us!" I cried.

Satan is Snide!
The Worldly Web is Wide!
Guns no longer Hide
And Families Divide!

Where is the Teacher Guide
Who will humbly faithfully to The World Provide
The "Oil" from God's Side
That can cause People from Sin to Backslide?

God's People, let's get off our Backside
Let's go yon' to the Roadside
Let's teach even the Mourner at The Graveside
Let's help to arrest the Rapid Down-slide
Before God issues His Terminal Broadside!

Thank God that Jesus indeed Died
And we, Faithful, did not His Grace Deny
Heaven is now here Espied
Unrepentant Sinners will Permanently Die
We will no more ever Cry
And we will in Peace to Glory Fly!