Thursday, August 13, 2015

Declaration: In My Soul

I believe in The God I have not seen
I listen to The Voice I recognize in My Soul
I am protected by Heavenly Angels excelling in Strength
Against all Worldly Wisdom, I March to the beat of The Unseen Drum

My Dance is to The Music of The Spheres
My knowledge is what The Prophets of Old longed to know
I see Tomorrow through The Eyes of Hope
Lit by The Light of The World

I will walk in Heavenly Places
In That Great Day
Because He who started a Good Work in Me
Will finish it

Of Myself, I am Not Worthy
But, by Jesus' Faith and The Mercy of God, and
The Comfort of The Holy Spirit
These Eyes which have not seen
These ears which have not heard
This Heart which has not conceived
Shall, upon awakening from My Soul's Sleep
Behold The King
In an immortal, incorruptible body
And shall to Glory rise

I shall drink from The Water of Life freely
I shall know God ... even as I am known
I shall worship
I shall bow down before My Maker

I shall wing, unfettered, to Worlds unknown
I shall know Peace
I shall have Rest
All this I shall have
Because I have a Living Faith

And ...?
So ...?

I Believe In
Honor and
Worship ...
The True and Living
Omnipresent God
Who is worthy to be Praised!

So ... I shall Sing!