Friday, August 7, 2015

HAPPY SABBATH + Eyes Outside Time

God is unhampered
With The Constraints of Time!
Even though I get angry
His Eyesight is fine
To see, and to know, what is waiting down the Road -
I need to get over My upsets
And #LetGodTakeControl!

My Eyesight is straitened!
My Knowledge is constrained!
My Actions have consequences and
Someone else gets blamed
When My cockups cause Me tears
And frustrations are frets -
Thank God for Jesus who hasn't failed Me yet.

Time is for Mere Mortals
Ignore Satan and his messengers
Those blighted, benighted, lying frauds
Who would have us believing that
Time is a toy
And that because of their influence
We will have untrammeled joys
No matter the Matter
No matter the Mode
No matter the Mess
Get your joy
Don't take excuse nor "No!" 

But let Me inform us that
Our God made The Law!
Don't ignore Him!
Don't bypass Him!
Don't give Him no jaw!
Don't call Him a reject -
His Name is Glorious and
He does not have flaws!

Give Him your utmost respect
For His Eyes travel along
Unrestricted through Our My space and His Time
He sees knows what's comings 
Before we have toes, and a look behind!

Sit stand recline ... but listen
When talking to The Lord
He is All knowing
All Seeing
Ever Present
Almighty God
He holds our time, times and Time in His Hand
He is Trustworthy
He is The Lord
Maker of Man's eyes
Giver of Light
Bestower of Sight
Light in The Night
Dealer in Right
Eternity's Might
Giver of Daylight
Pitcher of Starlight
And My God
Yes, Mine!

Universe can't contain Him
But My Heart can hold 
Joy Sublime
The Great God - Ever Glorious
He IS The Divine
The Divine Ruler of ... Time!