Sunday, August 23, 2015

How Can I - To The Lord - Say: "Thanks!?" + Prayer

I try to #DoSomethingForTheLordEveryDay
For every day He works does wonders for me
I don't even think about what I Receive
Or what He causes me to Achieve!

I open my Eyes - Sight!
I turn my Ear - Delight!
I sit on a Chair - No fear!
I put out a Foot - I Walk around!
I Sing a glad song and
Oft' dance along
To the rhythm that 
My steady Hands beat
Glad for the sound beating 
My Happy Heart does regular repeat!

How do I say: "Thanks!"
To The God of The Mountain
Maker of The Seas
Ruler of Heaven
Healer Helper
The Blessing to Me?

I bow my Heart
I close my Eyes
I "look" toward Heaven
And softly, I cry ...

Thank You, Dear Father
For The Blessings today
I thank You, I bless You
For The Store You prepare
If I had a choir of voices
I could not sing enough
Of Your Praise
And provision 
Of what is not stuff!
You give me My Being
You give me Your Love
You show me The Path to Mount Zion
You protect Me from McGruff
That Lying Old Serpent
Who is always sending Stuff
And Nonsense
And Nudges
And Winsome White Lies
That were it not for You, Lord
I would be beguiled!
Know, Lord, that I am Thankful for
I know that I am Blessed
Thanks for The Leading - All Sin I confess!
Keep me on Your Pathway
Sheltered by Your Light
Thou Giver of Abundance
Thou Healer of Strife!
And when My Day is over
Cradle me in The Long Night
And at Your Coming
Awake Me, I pray
To the Glorious Sounding 
Of Your Everlasting Day!

Until then, Father ...

Teach Me so that I may Teach Another
Bless Me so that I may Bless Another
Inspire me so that I may Inspire Another
And Use Me so that I won't Use or Abuse Another.
I love You, Lord!