Monday, August 10, 2015

Kinda Sorta Maybe Probably Assuredly Christian?!?!

I was kinda sorta maybe perhaps Happy
I was kinda sorta probably maybe Sad
I was kinda sorta  probably distinctly Miserable
But I was definitely distinctly assuredly positively Bad!

I was kinda sorta maybe probably serving Jesus
I was kinda sorta probably definitely serving The Fraud
I was kinda sorta probably assuredly definitely fooling Myself
For I was definitely decidedly distinctly not fooling God!

I kinda think I maybe probably honestly knew where this life would lead me
But I definitely assuredly knew The Day I truly faced The Cross
And that is when I definitely assuredly positively knew I needed a cleansing
And that is when lying to Myself out the window flew!

My Cleansing definitely brought me serious intense soul-searching
My Healing assuredly came with myriad tears
My Ascension to The Roll of True Believer
Assuredly positively came when I honestly willingly wisely accepted 
The Gift of Eternal Life that Jesus Christ gave!

I am positive I am Changed
I am assured that Jesus Forgave
And live, or die, neither Sin nor Death 
Can keep Me from gaining The Life of The Saved!

I am 
Assuredly Convinced 
Jesus Christ 
My Lord and Savior
The I AM Saved Me ... by His Grace!