Monday, August 31, 2015

Mission Ready!

God sent Me on a Mission!
I said: "Sure, as long as You Come Along!"
Then I thought: "That Statement was Unnecessary!"
And started walking, singing a Happy Song!

Many are The Called!
Few are The Chosen!
God uses The Willing
Those be Salvation Broken
Providing The Equipment
Making The Way, and
There is No Fear that can Derail The Mission
Even if we Stumble and forget to Pray!

Jesus is My Pilot!
The Spirit is My Stay!
God is My Father, and
I will do What and How He Says!

I am not Forgotten
I walk with True Friend
With Holy Angels Encamping
Ready to Defend!

No matter what may Assail Me
No matter The Stumbling Blocks
Jesus Christ is The Shepherd
And I am a Sheep in His Flock!

I Pray in Faith for
I am a Believer
Ready to Work, and
I will not Turn Aside
Even if Woe Betide
For Jesus, The Captain
My Commander
Is Ever by My Side!