Monday, August 3, 2015

Peace Is The Home In Glory!

You can't Contain The Gospel
You can't Maintain False Pride
You can't Sustain False Worship
You can't Remain in Sin and Survive!

You may Fain Faith and Repentance
You have Lain down with Big 'n Little Sin
You thought Sane was a Good Tablet
You believed Profane was a Feeling Good Pill!

You entered The Domain of The Devil
You said Proclaim gave you a Cheap Thrill
You ordered Disclaim as An Escape Card
But butt upon:
"God IS Coming!
Drink of Him Your Fill!"

You denied The Main Theme of The Bible
You decried The Claim of The Cross
You denied that You're Lame, and
That You are Presently Lost!

BUT ...

I'm right here to Encourage You
I'm right here to Point out The Way
To tell You The Truth of The Master
To describe the Amazing Home He has for Us prepared!

Deride Earth's Hellbent Demonic Displays
Depend On Jesus Christ for Soul Salvation, and know
Destiny with The Divine has You Walking The King's High Way!

Peace is The Home in Glory
Love is where You'll lay Your Bed
Grace is the Currency of The Kingdom
Hope is the Path on which to There We tread!

Holy Spirit here keeps You Warm in The Comfort
Jesus Christ Holds, Helps, and Heals
Holy is God The Father before Whom
By Jesus' Faith, We Saints, in Holy Worship, kneel!