Friday, August 7, 2015

Teaching Me To Experience God?!?

I am really very tired of having People tell Me What My Experience of God Should Be!

They may know about their God experience, but they don't know How God "Feels" to Me!

As far as I know, feeling God is very personal.

I don't need to study what it should be, for I know My God said in His Word that this is the way it should be:

Each man must work out his own soul's salvation with fear and trembling! Philippians 2:12
Where, in Scripture, does it say that Bro. Ram must teach Sis. Downes how to relate to God?

Did the Scripture not say that The Holy Spirit dwells in each Believer?

If this is true - and I believe it to be - why are You talking to Me?

Look, this is the last time I am going to answer You on this:

God's Word is clear!

Christians should not exist on expressions i.e., emotions and feelings, and behaving like a puffy cloud pushed and tumbled in a high wind!

Christians do not walk by seeing for therein is Deceit!

I am focused on Eternity with My Almighty God, and My Trials here are for The Perfecting of My Character.

I must Trust that God is Faithful to deliver Me from every Trial or Trouble, even if God's Deliverance is My going to My Long Home UNTIL God's Trumpets shall sound at The Resurrection of The Just on The Last Day!

I believe that I am saved through God's Grace by My Faith in The Finished Work of Jesus Christ, through His Birth, Baptism, Preaching, Healing, Trial, Execution, Death, Burial, Resurrection, and His Return to Glory where He is conducting His High Priestly Work in The Most Holy Place of The Heavenly Sanctuary.

AND, I believe that He is returning one day soon, for all His Believing Children who have kept The Faith, and have run The Race, and are Awaiting The Reward that Jesus Christ promised to give to each Over-comer - and the Denying - upon His Return to this Earth.

I do not need goosebumps, nor glory rolls, nor vain babblings, nor effusive utterance to "prove" to anybody that I am a Redeemed Child of The Almighty God.

If God wants to visit Me personally, He will do so on His Time - not Yours!

You cannot "force" The Holy Spirit to manifest Himself at Your behest!

Now, I will suggest that YOU do need to re-experience Our Living God.

Go to God - quietly, in Your chamber, bedroom, bathroom, outhouse, chicken house, wherever, where You can be ALONE with God, and pray! Sing! Talk. And, don't forget to LISTEN! for it is in the Stillness that His Spirit speaks.

Forget the Chaos and the Confusion, and let Our Almighty God have His way, and stop engaging in emotionalism, and sensationalism, and that decidedly demonic vocalism, and all the other nonsense that calls itself worship in this day.

Look, if You want Me to do something, just bring a clear "Doth saith The Lord!" and not something from your latest guru.

My God is The God of Order, with everything having a time AND a place.

I trust God - therein is Peace!

I distrust Satan - with him is War!

Whatever God has for Me, is for Me, and He will deliver it in His Time and in His Way, and I know that therein - for Me - is Joy!

Have a Blessed Day!