Saturday, August 22, 2015


I am not into The Two Birds in The Bush Coming Prosperity!
I have settled for The Bird Already At Hand!
No Disrespect is intended - My Bird is named King Jesus
The Holy One, Immanuel, The Son of Man!

What Jesus Provides for Me is Sufficient!
What God Holds for Me is Enough!
What The Holy Spirit is Protecting
Is no Junk, Grandiose, and definitely Not Stuff 'n Fluff!

My God has Promised Me a Home in The Kingdom!
My Jesus' Life Guarantees Me The Over-comers Gold Crown!
The Holy Spirit Guarantees Me Faithful Companionship and Direction
A Walk to Perfection, Loving Guidance and a New Song!

So, what if I have to Suffer Deprivation?
So, what if I stub My Toe along The Way?
My Setbacks are neither Final nor Fatal
Because #ITrustAlmightyGod, I Pray, and Walk as He Says!

People, Don't Let The Bush Birds Fool You!
Those Birds are Forever Getting Away!
They are like The Carnival Birds - they are Weighted
Light or Heavy - they are Never For You Going To Pay!

There is No I.O.U. in God!

Jesus Paid it ALL!

And, Just Because ...