Sunday, August 23, 2015

Walking By Faith!

I know not what The Day May Bring
But I know Who Brings The Day!
I know not if there'll be Suffering
But I do know The King!

I know not which Hand may Comfort me
But I know The Comforter!
I know not if I may Cry or Sing
But I do know The King!

I made no Pact with Satan
But I made The Covenant Of Peace with God!
I know not when The World may End
So I am just Praising The Lord!

Until My End, or The End, Comes, I am ...

Trusting in Almighty God for I've been
Washed in The Blood and
Covered by That Certain Hope which is
Steeped in The Blessed Word of Truth!

My Eyes are Fixed on Glory and I am
Walking by Faith on The Kings Highway where
I am Guarded by The Holy Angels
Comforted by The Holy Spirit and
Cared for by The King!

I am Singing The Songs of Zion while being a 
Watchman on The Wall and also
Giving heed to The Warnings In The Word and of
Those Few Faithful Stewards!

I am Sharing The Faith of Jesus and
Helping to Sound The Battle Cry and
Praying to God in 
The Matchless Holy Name of Jesus Christ
Forever Grateful for Grace and
Thankful for Mercy, and
Resting in Jesus' Peace, and 
Waiting Patiently for The Heavenly Call!

 Please ... Join Me!