Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"C.P.D. Disease"

C.P.D is the Not-New Disease
That Mankind is Suffering from
It Effects are Enormous
And there is no Antidote 
Out on The Market Front!

C is The Mange-Marker that Attacks most People!
P is The Easiest from Others to Hide Away!
But D is The One That Does The Most Damage
For it causes Man to Run Walk-away from God
And with Exciting Pretty Sin Play!

Combined, the Effects to Mankind are Overwhelming!
Singularly, the Destructive Force is as The Rushing Rhine
Or better The Harvest Combine!
In any combination, they are 
Right there with Pain caused to the Damaged Spine!

Corruption of The Soul and The Spirit
Perversion of  Actions, Thoughts and Ideals
Diversion of Worship from The Master
Leads Men to let them Satan Steal!

Corruption Perversion Diversion
Perversion Diversion Corruption
Diversion Corruption Perversion
Perversion Corruption Diversion
Corruption Diversion Perversion
Diversion Perversion Corruption
However you Line The Bowl
Mankind will Lose his Soul
For God will not Tolerate Smoking Coal
When Mankind should be by Jesus Christ as Pure Gold!

Mind, Body, Spirit were made 
To Bow before Our Lord
All Things were Made by and for Him
We must Worship Him - He is our Creator
Redeemer, Savior, Jesus Christ, Our God and Lord!