Friday, September 11, 2015

Happy Sabbath + Life's Look Book 'n Prayer

I opened up My Life's Look Book today
I turned a page - I looked away
I turned a page - My heart grew sad
For I saw things ugly, some even bad.

I kept turning pages
I kept looking around
Some things there made my Poor Soul frown
And not long thereafter, I put The Look Book down
And turned away
And started to pray:

Dear Lord, My Father
It's just Me
I feel heart broken 
Please hear my plea!
I come today and
I must repent as
Review today showed things 
Of a youth misspent.
Forgive me, Father
And help me to grow
In the Faith of Jesus
More and more.
I give You Permission
To yank snap Me right back
When Life's Polluting Nibbles
Are in Me on The Attack.
I Give You, Lord
My Will
My Way
As I say to You this Humble Pray.
Rid Me of Self
And Walking in My Own Way
Keep Me Walking Toward Zion
In The Straight and Narrow Holy Way.
I love You, Lord
I don't want to disappoint
Bless Me, Father
Anoint, anoint
This Soul often listing
As The World's thrusts annoy
Lift Me up, raise Me up
Unto Eternal Joy!