Friday, September 4, 2015


You can't Fool the  Master
He Gave you your Mouth
He is the Redeemer 
AND He is your Friend
AND He'll Either be your Judge OR  your King
It's your Choice ... at The End!

Think About your Life!
Can you Save your Own Soul?
Can you Extinguish Hell's Fires
When you get Thrown Out The "Door?"

Salvation is Free
To All who Will Believe
And Trust on King Jesus
His Heart on their Sleeve!

Rather to be Chosen as 
Soldier or Sacrifice
Makes No Difference to us for
When He Comes we Fly
Home to His House - To Mansions of Rest
To Live with The Eternal
Eternally Blessed!

I am In on Jesus' Action
I will in The Strife Fight
And if I am Chosen to Say: "Good Night!"
"Good Night!"

In Jesus I Know No Fear!
With Jesus I Fear No Fright!
Jesus Christ IS My Lord and My God, and
He's Already Saved Me from Sin's Blight!

I Shall Awaken - Remade
In Flight, and
I will See My God 
As One of His Own!
My Rest will Sweet!
My Light will be Glory Bright!
I will Sing through Endless Ages
In Eternal Day, for
There is No Night - Nor Worry, Nor Care - There!