Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hearer to Gainer + Prayer


I have a Heart!
But Not a "Foolish Heart" Condition!

I am Free!
But Not Free to always Sinful be!

I have Eye Problems
But I'm Not suffering from Lying Vision!

I have Feet!
But Not for Gadding About and Walking to Hell on a Roiling Sea!

I have Ears!
But Not to be Tickled, nor for Listening to Lying Divinations!

I've Got King Jesus!
You MUST Believe That You've Got King Jesus!
We can Trust IN and ON King Jesus!
Please ... Hold on to your Faith in Jesus Christ!
He has got Good Legs!
He's got The Blood that Bought Your Pardon!
He's got The Hands wherein you find Shelter!
He's got The Voice that Rebukes your Storms!
And He's got The Living Love that we Need
And He Daily, Daily, Feeds
So, Give Him a Chance, and
He will Fix You ... and Your Need!
Remember ... You ARE The Apple In His Eyes!
Reach Out to Jesus ... TODAY!


Later that day ...

I really gained something from that Sermon!
What about you?

Gain!? What gain?!
He preached!
I heard!
He preached well.
That's it!

Oh, dear ...

Did I miss something?!!

What did you hope to Achieve today?


Yes! Achieve!
How have you benefited from being here today?

Hmm ...
Let's see ...
Church day - No work
Talk to the Brethren - Mission Trip coming up
Enjoy the music - I would pay good money to hear those singers again!!
Be Emotionally aroused - I got Goosies!!
Eat good food - lunch was off the chain!
Fellowship with my friends - did you hear about Sis. Aimey?!
That's about it!

Oh, dear ...


What about the "Good" stuff?" You know ...

Communion with Christ
Fellowship with the Father
Comfort of the Holy Spirit
You know?  
All the superlative benefits of "Having Faith in Jesus Christ!"

Oh, thaaat!
I am not a Holy Roller like you!
My Faith is not like yours! You're strong!

What does strong have to do with Faith!
You either have Faith, or you don't!

Don't  you Read your Bible?
Or perhaps you missed the part about Faith as BIGGGGG as a Mustard Seed?!

Child, a Mustard Seed Faith is more Beneficial to you than a strong arm!
When I come to Church Service, I come Expecting to be Blessed!

I expect to Gain, you know, Profit from being here because I believe what the Bible says "...where two or three are gathered in my Name," there is The Lord.

If you have Faith,  then the Word of God has The Life, but
A lack of Faith deprives The Word of Its Life, and you become just a Hearer Loser. 

I am a Hearer Gainer. I Trust God - through Jesus Christ - to give me something, and He does! Every day!

Come on, Sis.!
Try Trust!
Till The Word!
Reap a Blessing!

If your Ground is Fallow
Your Faith will be Shallow!

If God is All
You won't play with Satan's Ball!

If Sin is your Date
You'll suffer Satan's Fate!

Give Trust and Faith in God a Try
And you'll be at Home With Jesus, by and by!

I am Living In Hope, and I'm using my Faith to grease The Way!

Father, You say that You are Our Friend
You say that You will be with Us to The End
We come before You - we have a Need
Bless us with a Measure of Faith, Lord
Even that of The Mustard Seed.