Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Indepth Look at Sheep Shepherds with Goat Parts (By Special Request)

Sheep having Shepherds with Goat Parts
Is like Taking a Knife to The Lord's Heart
For Our Good Shepherd is Jesus Christ Himself
Who was Nailed to The Cross to Save Us not His Self!



Pointing Toward The Good Shepherd:
Abraham "begat" Jacob
Jacob begat Levi and Judah
from whom we 
Ultimately Received
The Priesthood
The Messiah
 Jesus Christ, Immanuel - Our Shepherd
who is also
Our High Priest  - after The Order of Melchisedec Forever
(having no Beginning nor Ending)
Hebrews 7:1-28
Our Conquering King - Mighty To Save!

Jacob, and Moses, and King David these Shepherds Three
Were Symbols of Jesus Christ Our Savior Redeemer To Be
These men were all tested with Real Sheep before hand
Before God deemed them worthy to have Committed to their care
The Lives of His People, the Very Frail Humans.

Their Training and Tutelage
Involved Deprivation and Denial
Of Self and Personal Satisfaction
With Real Threats to Their Very Health!

They took Hold of The Mission
Denying Personal Gain and Vanity
And when Charged with the Keeping
Of Teeming Humanity
Stood before God Valiantly and Boldly
Willing to Suffer even unto Death at Almighty God's Strong Hand.


Jacob, He - Israel - The Patriarch
Is significant for The Care
And Attention to The Breeding
Of The Flock in his Care in Every Way!

Jacob Israel's task was to Raise up a Flock
Hearty and Healthy
Committed and Knowledgeable
Faithful, Unbesmirched.

Jacob Israel's Flock had
No Blemish, No Disease
Were Virile and Fertile
And Hearty and Hale
Well-pleasing to The Sight and were
Gently carried over The Tumult
When The Shepherd Faced The Personal Fight!

Jacob's Job was to Go Carry His (God's) People Home to The Land of His Father, Isaac*
Then go with them to the Land of Their Bodily Salvation when there was a 
Famine of Bread (symbolic for The Word) all the while 
Knowing Full Well That Therein, They Would Face The Crucible (Ill-treatment and Death by The Egyptians (The World)), and then
Ultimately, after their Test of Obedience, Survive The Passage of 
The Angel of Death, and then Head Home to The  Promised Land, the Home of 
The Promise To The Patriarchs (to us today,The Heavenly Canaan).

*Isaac's birth is one of the Three Impossible-To-Happen Births in The Bible: 

1. Sarah (Barren and Old) - Isaac
2. Elizabeth (Barren and Old) - John The Baptist
3. Mary (Unmarried and a Virgin) - Jesus Christ


Moses The Deliverer and Law-Giver
Is also of Jesus Christ a Type
Communing Directly with The Father
Even Beholding His Glory in his Human Eyesight!

Moses' Life spoke of Self-Denial
Denial of The Pleasures of Sin
Choosing to Suffer Affliction
With The People of God
Rather than to in Sin Live and Give In!

Moses Received from God's Own Hand
The Very Law of The Living God
And Instruction for the Building of The Earthly Temple
A Replica of The One in Heaven not Made with Hands.

Moses' Life also spoke to Baptism -
Emergence from The Watery Grave 
And Deliverance through Life's Desert
Departing from The Life of The Sin Slave!

Moses' Life and Death spoke also to Reward (from Earthy Death to Eternal Life)
For He - who was Denied Entry into Earthly Canaan
Is even now Alive and at Home in Heavenly Canaan
Communing with Our Lord and Our God!

Moses' Job Was to Deliver The People of God from The Dead Life of Idolatry and Forgetfulness to The Land of Life flowing with Milk and Honey
i.e., Sustenance and Growth through True Worship and Willing Obedience.

The Singing, Worshiping, Shepherd, Warrior Turned King

David - The Shepherd turned King
Was called by The Heavenly Father
To Be His Chosen King
Guiding those Straying People
Who wanted to have Things
Like the World Always Asking.

David was Wiry
A Boy, but Adept
At Sling and at Harp
To God Ever Always Praying!

David was Valiant
Not wishing that any Sheep may to Bear and Lion Fall (Sin)
He spared not those Devils
Before him, they all caterwalled and did Fall!

David was The Shepherd
After the Very Lord's Heart
He Sinned but was Truly Repentant
Going to God in the Day Light and in The Night Dark.

David - The Psalmist
Valiant in The World
Anointed Teacher in The Word
Champion for The Truth
Sinner Most Repentant
Loved Almighty God from his Youth!

David Prepared Ambitiously
For The Temple Home for His God - it was Quite Grand
But his son - The Preacher - had to build it for
David had Blood on his hands!

David's Job was to Prepare a Rest from The External Forces for God's People
To Teach God's People His Truth's
To Teach God's People to Pray and to Praise Almighty God in Spirit and In Truth
And to Prepare The Way for The Temple of Love (Temporal and Spiritual)

These Shepherds Three
Are The Key
To All Who Would
God's Called Shepherds Be!

The Task is Quite Simple
Keep The Sheep on The Path
All - not Some, not Half
Take them Home to The Sheepfold
By Staying On and Following 
God's Chosen, and Stated, Path!

Keep The Sheep Healthy and Sturdy
Know God for Yourself
Have a Personal Relationship with Him
Look to God for The Blessing
Bless The Sheep, and God ...?
God Will Bless You Of Him Self!

Jacob-Israel, Moses and King David 
The Work On Them Bestowed!

Pointing To Jesus Christ
These Three True Shepherds 
Often Took Losses unto Themselves Thereby
Sparing The Oft' Wandering Sheep.


Goats in The Bible were
An Offering for Sin
Hands Laid upon The Victim
All Sin was Laid on Him!

Goats are also mentioned as
Those Opposed To Almighty God
Those Like Satan Elevating Self 
Above and In Place of God!

Good Shepherds of The Sheep Themselves
Are Good Sheep Following The Lord
But Many of The Shepherds Today have
Goat Parts including
Hearts Hardened - Fighting Hard Against Almighty God!

Many Modern Sheep Shepherds
Have Hired Themselves Out for Fees
They Have No Love For The Lord's Work
Just The Public Perks - no Holy God Worship, no Bible Believing, if you please!

These Payroll Shepherds have Sold Out 
To Satan The One Big Goat 
He who Operates in The Traitor's Coat
Problem is These Poor Hirelings
Are Sailing in The Sinking Boat!

Many of These Goat-Parted Shepherds
Are True Believers - just not in The Living God
They Preach The Other Gospel
As put out by The Raging Lion - That Unrepentant Fraud!

Many if not Most Don't Read or Study The Living Words of The Master
Or they Read the Words not pertaining to Sin or Self Denying
They preach Smooth Things to The People
Of Substance they Preach not one Holy Thing!

Many of these "Shepherds" Preach According to Collections
Sermons are Based off Last Week's Offering Plate
And they know that Messages of Sin, Hell-fire and Repentance
Will give them no Quiet Bill Notes but The Noisy Change they so Hate!

Many of these "Shepherds" live off of Personal Popularity
Friends, Fame, Access and Preying on People with Needs
They Forget or Ignore That God Himself is Seeing
What Unclean Thing they give to the People
Seeking After Jesus Christ as they Worship and 
Pray and Plant unbiblical seeds!

Instead of Raising up The People To God's Altar
They Lower God's Altar to The Floor
And they put Strange Fire in The Censer
Forgetting what Happened to The Disobedient Ones like
Nadab and Abihu, and even Core!

Many of Today's Shepherds live on
Licentiousness and Covetousness
Outright Lies, Half-truths and Old-fashioned Greed
They look at The World With Rose-colored Glasses
And Don't Deny their Perverse Natures 
Their Carnal, Idolotrous, Needs!

To All who are Seeking After Christ's Righteousness
I Commit unto you Proverbs Chapter 8
Please Listen to The Holy Spirit
Speaking therein As Wisdom
Do it Now Before The Day is Too Late!

Trust No Man with Your Soul's Salvation
Not Prime Minister
Not The President
Not The Queen or The King
Not The Pope
No Preacher
No Prophet
No Apostle, and 
Not The Lying Sheep Shepherd Smelling of Satan The Big Goat!

None can Save Themselves from God's Day of Reckoning
So ... Study God's Word for Yourself
Get King James off the Dusty Shelf
And see to Your Own Soul's Eternal Health!

If Your Preacher 
Is Not Preaching 
To The Saving of Souls
Then He Is Digging Holes
Of Destruction For The Fold!

Satan Is The Sacrificial Goat for Mankind
Preachers Preaching That "Other" Gospel
Will Suffer 
Satan's Same Fate!


If Every Word Out Of Your Mouth is
"My Pastor Said ..."
"The Apostle Said ..."
"The Priest Said ..."
You Need To Get Back To 
"And The Word Of The Lord said ..."
In A Hurry!