Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sowing AND Reaping!

I Sowed In Tears - Repentance For Sin Was My First Seed
He Sowed In Tears - Suffered for Jesus Christ In Deed
But in The Day The Dear Lord Appears
We Shall Not Shed a Grieving Tear
Nor Shall We Bow Our Heads In Abject Fear!

We Both Will Reap 
With Unalloyed Joy
Along With All The Faithful
Man, Woman, Girl, Boy!

Whether Still Living or Having Faithful Died
Nothing Will Keep Us From Eternally Praising
Jesus Christ - The Living Lord
The Lamb Who For Us Was Crucified!

Our God IS Faithful
Our God IS Just
And, Whether Living Blood or Even Once Before Dead Dust
Our God Will Deliver The Saint's Reward To All
To All, That Is
That He calls The Just!