Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Destruction Delegation - Divide & Conquer Command Meeting

"Divide! Divide!"

"But, why?"

"Can anyone answer that question?!"

"So that we may conquer them!"

"Very gooood! And for that perfect,perfect, answer Distrust, you get first chance at them!"

So went The Meeting of The Destruction Delegation - Divide & Conquer Command.

"Wow! Those Christians don't stand a chance!"

"Do not try to get them to leave their churches - Join their churches!
Join their committees!
Be their Best Friend!
Be their Girlfriend!
Be their Boyfriend!
Be their Mother!
Be their Father!
Be their Brother!
Be their Sister!
Be their Guide!
Be their Leader!
Be their Teacher!
Be their Preacher!
Be Whoever, Whatever, Wherever, Whenever you need to be, or to do, to Accomplish The Task!"

"I liiiikkkke!" said Falter

"Wherever they go - you go!
Whatever they do - you do!
But ... Do not forget to go The Extra Mile!
Give The Friendly Smile!
Be kind to The Child
Beguile! Beguile!"

"Niiiccceeeeeeeeee!" said Randy, Rowdy, Rambunctious and Ribald in unison.

"People, this is no different from a bloody war!
We can't go back home, and it is our job to make sure that they can't go home either!"

"Yeahhhh!!" said Okay-But

"We won't get them all but WE WILL GET A LOT OF THEM!!

"Becauseeee ...?! 


1. Humans love to be told how wonderful they are!
2. They love to be told that they are better than everybody else, and
3. They love to know they know something by nobody else does! And, get this!
4. They really love to have something that nobody else has to brag about!"

"Gooood to knnooooww! said Mendacious.

"People!! You must:

1. Appeal to their Vanity!
2. Appeal to their Greed!
3. Stroke The Ego!
4. Pat them on The Head!

In short, go for Overkill!"

"And when they are leaning on your shoulder
Feed then The Swill
And they'll eat until they fall down 
Dead from Overfill!"

"I really, really, like that!" said Tempted-to-Touch.

"Feed them so they can't think straight and make "The Decision" for You Know Who!
Promise them the World!
Give them a quick Twirl!
Give them a few Pennies
And hear them as they Purr
And Perform
And Run Around
Doing as we Bid
Never Realizing that
For them, we don't give a Fig!"


"It's all about The Numbers!
We must get our Numbers High
Don't ever Forget
He is Coming and
We are going to Eternally Die!"

"He loves these Silly Humans!
They are His Pets
And that very reason gets Boss-man upset!
So, let's get to it
Let's have a Harvest
Let's have a Harvest Galore
Let's make Boss-man Happy
Let's bring down those Humans for Certain Sure!


Dear Ones:

Since God loves us, Satan hates us with a Passion Refined by Time and Experience.

Satan is not our Friend!

Satan will rob us of our Peace!

Satan will try to make us Release our Hold on our Salvation, and he will do it by sitting next to us at our Church Services, and even in our very homes!

Don't look for Satan at The Gin Joint - he has no need to go there!

Look for Satan where God's People Meet:

Look for The Self-righteous
Look for The Puffed-up
Look for The Grossly Opinionated
Look for The Holier Than Thou
Look for The Greed-actuated 

"Saint" Who Must Always Have Preeminence, and 

Look for Master Mouse of Mindful Manners to whom everyone willingly, wittingly and "wisely" defers.

Look for Satan in The Kindly Teacher of "Truths" taught with Worldly Passion and Vain-glorious Purpose!

Look for Satan in The Strikingly Handsome AND 
Honestly Homey AND 
Winningly Wonderful AND 
Borderline Beautiful and Bumptious AND 
Soulfully Saintly Sellers of Profane Symbology and New Age Truths.

Look for Satan in ... Self!!

Remember, if we are not looking at Jesus Christ, we are seeing Satan! - There is No Middle Ground!

Remember, Satan, Sin and Self all begin with "S" and their fates are all the Same!

Let's give none of them a toehold!

Give Jesus Christ Your Head
Your Heart
Your Hand
Your Hope
The Glorious Home in Heaven!