Saturday, September 19, 2015


"How do you stand it!?!"

"Why are you so calm!?!"

"I've paid a heavy price for My Faith but
You know what? Jesus is now running My Show!
You see, I made up My Mind
For He said that He Is Divine, so
I Decided to Trust Him, and
Now My Worry is in Decline!
What about y'all?'

"Knee! - I Pray"

"Jerk! - I React!"

"Knee-Jerk! I Pray AND React!"

"Wow! I know whatcha mean!
Been There!
Done That!
Misery was My Companion and
I was ready for the Tin-foil Hat!"

Sitting out there upon "The Shelf" Is 
The Problem with Christian-By-Self:

Depending on Self!
Reacting to The World!
Destroying Soul Health!

Trust Jesus! - Jesus is The Shepherd!
Lean On The Spirit! - The Spirit is for Help in Prayer!
Read The Holy Bible! - It's The Captain's Word!
Depend on Him! - Our God Truly Provides Care!

Father, I know what I was without You
A sinner without You who anything would do
But, You met Me in The Way
You said: "Child, There you cannot stay!"
And I from that world walked away!
I do not brag but
I thank You, Lord, for casting that Bag Full of My Sin
Into Your Forgetfulness Sea -
You promised it shall not to Your Memory return and
You promised You will not me spurn
So, please, keep Teaching this Child, Lord
For I need Your Lessons for Gaining Eternal Life to daily learn.


May Your Rest Be Sweet
May Your Peace Be Complete
May Your Spirit Soar
As Jesus Knocks at Your Trembling Heart's Door
May Your Night Be As Bright As The Noon-day Light
And May You Awaken To The Son's Sweet Light For 
Our God IS Nigh.